HAM Radio Camper Info!

Mike Decossas, KB5OZE

General Class

Official Emergency station Southeast Louisiana

EC St Tammany Parish


Here is a picture of the "Upgraded" Porta-Kit

It includes the following:


Signalink USB



Kenwood 23A Switching power supply w/Power Poles


Here are a few pictures of the old house setup. The FT-847, DR-605TQ, IC-38A as well as the meters, rotor control , antenna selector, power supply and tuner.


In the first antenna picture, you see (from the bottom up) the HF antenna (a random wire on a SGC-230 coupler), then the 6 meter beam, the 2 meter beam, the 440Mhz beam and the 220Mhz beam on top. The tower (at the top of the cone) is 48 feet. The second picture is of the AR-270B 2M/440 antenna that I use for local repeater work. It sites on top of 24' hy-gain tower. All of the antennas are fed with either 9913, RG-213 or RG-214 (220Mhz). This set up works fairly well.

Hurricane Katrina didn't like the Rohn 25 tower and took it down.

I have installed a Hy-Gain 52' crank up tower.

I have the following antennas installed.

HF: Mosley TA-32Jr & an 80M/40M coax bazooka

Coming Soon-MFJ 3 element 6M Yagi

2M: Hy-Gain VB-214FM

Cushcraft 11 element 440Mhz beam

MJF 5' dualband ground plane on top

T2X Rotor

I also have a 35' Crank up aluminum mast


Hustler CX-333


TS-2000 w/ Heil PR781



PK-900 (HF)

KPC-9612 (VHF/UHF)

Iota DL-45 Power Supply and 16 7.5A/Hr Gel cells

Poly-Phasers on all antennas

Ameritron AL-811H


New Tower Pictures

Please let me know if there is any needed information that is not here. I will be happy to send the "how I did it" info anytime.