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80M/40M Vertical






Here is a copy of the Design I used. I added the US measurements to the document for usage in the states.

40-80M Vertical

The design is by David Reid PA3HBB / G0BZF

David Reid PA3HBB
Beukenlaan 39
The Netherlands

Obviously, there are some differences between the parts I had versus what David could get (in the Netherlands). I used an old "super Penetrator" CB antenna for the main mast. I also had some "spare" plastic brackets from an old shoe shelf that I used to space & secure the wire to the mast. I also used some spare chassis mount so-239s' to feed the antenna. I first built the 80 Meter portion, then I added 40 meters and the measurements give me less than 2.0 VSWR across the 40 and 80 meter bands. I also put 4 turns of coax, about 5" across, to help keep RF from feeding back up the coax. I did install an 8 ft ground rod (the water table is extremely high in southeast Louisiana).

Over all, this was a 1 day project that turned into a 1 1/2 days due to the "help", but my daughter and I had a good time doing it.

Radio Equipment


In the pictures, I have the HL-2200 HF Amp (thanks Mark in Houston-KC5CAN), SWR/Watt meter, 4 port antenna switch (temporary), FT-847 HF rig w/FC-20 tuner, my HTs' -VX-7 & TH-79A,my 5 port antenna switch, IC-38A (220Mhz FM HT), TM-V7A (2M & 440Mhz) & IC-38A (220Mhz FM). The station is still in a state of re-arrangement. I plan to install both the TM-V7A & IC-38A into a "briefcase" for easy transport. I am also going to re layout the HF setup as my laptop gets in the way of the HF Amp.

Almost all of my equipment has been purchased from Bert at Bamcom ( He definitely gives the best support for anything he sells!

Even with all the improvements, my family and I will still evacuate for the next hurricane (as we did for Katrina). I can only hope that the new tower and antennas will be here when I come back.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

I will be adding more as I finish the rest.....

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