How Michael and I Met

Michael was a computer technician for the company I worked for at the time.  We met in August 1998.  At first, we really didn't like each other. 


After a couple of months of working together, we realized we had a lot of common interests.  He wasn't the jerk I thought he was ;) and he must have thought the same about me.  He would often invite me over to his place on my weekends without my daughter to play Starcraft.  We would play some nights from 8pm till 7am. 


That went on for a few months and right after Christmas we were just "feeling like" a couple.  By January 1, 1999 at midnight, it was official and we've been together ever since.


Michael moved in with me in May of 1999 and we were officially engaged August 1999.  We've been planning our August 5, 2000 wedding ever since.


I don't know if I believe truly in soul-mates-one person for everyone-but I do believe that I'll never find anyone I want to be with other than Michael, because I've stopped looking!



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