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In memory of Brownie April 1992-2006


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This is Brownie.  He's a mixed breed with some lab and husky, we think.   We got Brownie when he was 8 weeks old and he is the love of our lives, next to my daughters :) 

baby.gif (147284 bytes) baby1.bmp (518454 bytes)Baby was a full breed lab.  We got Baby when she was three years old from an old man who was very sick.  She was a show dog that had not even remotely been taken care of.  She had been beaten and was extremely afraid of men.  The first week we had her I found out she had heartworms and we nursed her to health.   When she was about five years old, this January 2000, she got out of the yard and was missing for a week.  A very close friend of ours found her dead on the side of the road.  We brought Baby home and buried her next to my azalea garden.  We'll think of her every year when the blooms come in the spring.  For the short time we had Baby, she lived a stress free and pampered life just like a dog should.

kris4.bmp (921654 bytes)Kristin and Brownie taking a nap.

 inny.bmp (921654 bytes)momandinny.bmp (921654 bytes) ennie.JPG (52236 bytes)This is my mother's dog Einstein.   Picture two shows him on the sofa with my mom.

kiss2.bmp (921654 bytes)kisses.bmp (921654 bytes) Brownie loves to give kisses.  In the first shot Kristin is the recipient and Mike gets slobbered on in picture number two.

mikeandbrown.bmp (921654 bytes) Mike and Brownie

pic.bmp (921654 bytes)Brownie and Vicky Vale at their first Halloween (1992)


P8240001.JPG (182135 bytes)P8240002.JPG (196112 bytes)P8270011.JPG (203392 bytes)In late September of 2000, we found this dog in our backyard one Wednesday morning.  Michael woke me up telling me that Brownie had a puppy.  After notifying all the vets, groomers and the shelter and given the fact that no one claimed him from the signs we put up, we were sure he was abandoned.  I found out by accident, in the grocery when I was buying treats, that someone a few blocks away was looking for him.  The woman who lost him thought he was stolen and was very happy to get Sugarbear back.  But, he'll always be Newton to us.   


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October 2000 Update:  Our friend, Robert, was on duty one evening and found a scottish terrier running in traffic.   Robert brought him over to our house and called the animal shelter to pick him up.   We were sure he was old as he was gray and we were sure he belonged to someone for he was so well behaved.  Five days after he went to the shelter, Robert officially adopted him.  However, he lives in an apartment so, we have a new addition.  Now Brownie, who missed Newton when he left, has a playmate.  Our vet confirmed that Snickers was less than a year old.  He's playful and lovable.

puppysitting.JPG (63084 bytes)Me puppy sitting Thanksgiving 2000.

bear.jpg (67507 bytes) Lisa's beautiful puppy, Bear wishing happy spring to everyone.bug.jpg (108606 bytes)


dogstarrpinksmall.gif (22527 bytes) This is a wonderful site with lots of puppy info.  Check it out!



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