Kristin's Birth Story and

Gillian's Birth Story

Stacy and Kristin on her birthday Jan 27, 1988stacykristin.jpg (34655 bytes)

momkris.jpg (42597 bytes)My mom and Kristin the day she came home


momanddad.jpg (199765 bytes) Stacy, Mike and Gillian December 27, 2001


My daughter, Kristin, was born when in January 1988 just a few months after my 16th birthday in January of 1988.  I was planning on having Kristin naturally but that was not to be.  My blood pressure was very high (180/110) and I was admitted to the hospital about a week before my due date to induce labor.

My water was broken around seven am and after only three contractions, I was given an epidural to prevent me from feeling any pain and slept through almost all of my labor.  I missed not having a natural birth but was very happy to have a healthy little girl.

At 6:52pm at 7lbs. 2oz and 19 inches long, Kristin came into the world with very little effort on my part.  The Dr. Ryan just seemed to do it all and definitely earned his fee.

krisbook.bmp (50247 bytes) Kristin at six months

Gillian was born on 12/27/2001 delivered by the same doctor, Dr. Ryan, that delivered her sister 14 years before.  I was sent to the hospital for an induction.  We were in the hospital on a Wednesday night and the induction was started around midnight.  By Thursday afternoon, there was little change in the situation and while I was having contractions, they weren't painful.  Even though I was worried, we were given the option for a c-section and I agreed.  Looking back, I'm not sure why I was so worried because the recovery was WONDERFUL and much better than the alternative I experienced 14 years ago.  Plus, she was fully tax deductible for all of 2001, YEAH!!!!

At 5:43pm, Gillian, weighing 7lbs 3oz and 19 inches long, was born via c-section.  Michael was right there to witness the miracle and once again, Dr. Ryan definitely earned his fee!


dadandgillian.JPG (184486 bytes)Michael holding Gillian



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