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stacy&mike.jpg (58655 bytes) My favorite of us

Kristin and Gillian-Christmas 2003


Eimear, Allan, Stacy and Gillian


30.bmp (921654 bytes)From left to right Bonnie (Mike's Mom), Vanessa (cousin)

Grandma, Mike, and Aunt Darlene

cousins.bmp (921654 bytes)The Cousins--Mike, Karen, Annette, Doreen (above), Dana (below) and John

firstvic.bmp (921654 bytes)sailor.bmp (921654 bytes)vickyvale.bmp (921654 bytes)babyvic.bmp (714294 bytes)bigears.bmp (488454 bytes)viccamp.bmp (690678 bytes)

Some of my favorite shots of Victoria

We call her Vicky-Vale!

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