j0083515.wmf (20668 bytes)           Wedding Snapshots


Our preview album won't be ready for a little while but these are some samples we took with the digital camera before all the festivities began:


altar.jpg (216122 bytes)This is our altar.  cake.jpg (159168 bytes)Our cake table. ceremony.jpg (233131 bytes)The back of our ceremony room.

kris&vic.jpg (158357 bytes)My daughter, Kristin who was my maid of honor, my niece and flower girl Victoria. 

P1010009.jpg (159089 bytes)Our two bestmen, Johnny and Robert.

P1010014.jpg (171182 bytes)Me and our photographer.  My bridesmaid Nicole and Kristin are in the background.

This is what a room looks like after a bride and five people get dressed in it.

stacybrandy.bmp (832746 bytes)    stacybrandy2.jpg.bmp (1710918 bytes)Stacy and Brandy



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